God is God

Posted: June 11, 2010 by graysutanto in Uncategorized

An Excerpt from a longer writing that I am working on…

God is God

When all had been said and done, it all comes back to the simple truth – that God is God. It is as simple as that. He cannot be anything else than who He is. You might say to me, a good God would never love one person differently over the other or that a good God would never have predestined the greater part of the world for destruction. Yet who are you to say that? Will you define the standard of righteousness or will he? God, being God, by definition must be the standard of what is righteous. Whatever He decrees, just by the very fact that He decrees it, must be what is righteous. By saying that a “good” God must never do this or that then we are putting limits on God’s freedom in being God – putting Him into limits of what we perceive to be good.

If God is not the first cause of all things then God would cease to be God. If something outside of God caused God to act, then He would be subjected to that particular external cause. If God is subjected to some sort of external cause, then whatever that external cause is, is more powerful then God. To say that there are certain things on this earth that God reacts to after He idly sits to allow is to make him much less of a God. God is not subjected to any sort of external influence. He is fully sovereign over all that He does. God is God.

I have heard an objection once rose that a Creator must equally love His offspring, just as any animal must naturally love their offspring. Why then would God create the greater part of this world for destruction? Notice the flaw of the reasoning here. Is God really subject to what we perceive to be the law of nature? God created nature! Even if we concede that God loves all that He had created, it certainly does not follow that He loves all equally. Surely anyone who has read the Scriptures can see this. Why was Israel chosen over all the many other nations? You will say because of God’s covenant with Abraham – yet why did God make the covenant with Abraham and not with anyone else? Surely it was not because Abraham was any better, for God elects out of grace and not for any sort of merit in us. As if it was not clear enough in the ninth chapter of Romans that God had elected Jacob over Esau out of His sovereign love, even before they had done anything good or bad.

Yet let’s take this even further. Loving parents, even animals, will fight to the death for their offspring. Try to take a bear cub away from its mother and you’re in for some trouble! Why then do we see tragedies of infants getting trampled by wild animals? Why then do we see thousands of men being obliterated by disasters? If animals would fight to protect their offspring till death, why then does God not save them? Is God unable to? Surely not. Let me remind you again what Job replied to his wife when she was telling him to curse God. “Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?” (Job 2:10) Blessings come from God, calamity comes from God. He works all things through His incomprehensible justice and wisdom. Let us stand in awe of our Sovereign Lord and the absolute sweetness of the truth that nothing can thwart His perfect will. (Isa 46:10)

God is God. You can either hate Him for it or be absolutely in love with Him. If you love Him, I praise God for He has worked in you. He has chosen you and one day we will join hands together as we sing praises as His bride. Let us together trust in His absolute sovereignty, truly working out our salvation in fear and trembling because it is Him who works in us. Let us keep speaking the Gospel to all who are able to hear, but let us at the same time trust that it is God who will cause people to respond to the Gospel. Amen.

  1. Yunus says:

    excerpt? are you writing a book?

  2. stv says:

    God’s favoritism towards His chosen ones as predestined favoritism? God favors those who loves Him (and loves one another), yet “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19)

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