Romans 9, Pt. 2

Posted: June 22, 2010 by graysutanto in Romans 9
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Big Idea and Interpretation

Romans 9:1-23 fits into the argument addressing this question: how is God’s promise still being fulfilled to ethnic Israel with so many Israelites rejecting the Christ? This calls God’s faithfulness into question. Has the Word of God failed? The Roman Church was first started by Jewish Christians, and is now being outnumbered by Gentiles, there was no doubt that such questions were being raised. The Jewish Christians had a worldview that believed their race was and always would be the chosen people of God, and that God held them in favor over other races. How then can the lack of Jewish believers be reconciled with God’s declared purpose with ethnic Israel? This calls for a theodicy, and Paul seeks to show the righteousness of God and His divine purpose through election, clarifying who truly are the elect. God had never promised the sure salvation of all of ethnic Israel, instead not all of Israel is part of the true Israel – the elect people of God. The big idea of this passage is: God’s promise to Israel is irrevocable since they depend upon His mercy and His electing grace.


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