Romans 9, pt. 8 Timeless Truths and Application

Posted: August 3, 2010 by graysutanto in Romans 9
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Timeless Truths and Application

An understanding of this passage is still immensely significant for us today. It is relevant because through this passage we come to understand that the God we serve never fails, even when it seems that many are rejecting His name. A correct understanding of this passage should encourage believers as they rest in the absolute security of the will of God. If God had already chosen you from before the foundation of world then you could never lose your salvation for God never changes His mind. This is the epitome of what it means to be saved by grace. Christians do not need to live in constant worry about whether or not they might lose their salvation, for it is God who determines their justification and salvation. As this rests upon the mercy and electing grace of God, it follows that His promises are irrevocable. Furthermore, believers can feel secure even when sin and evil lies rampant on the world today, knowing that their very existence is dependent upon God’s preservation, thus ultimately fulfilling His sovereign plan. Sometimes the fewness of believers might shock us. Indeed, just a stroll down the streets of downtown Los Angeles today will reaffirm this. Instead of getting discouraged by such things, the message of this passage should comfort us, exhorting us to live in contentment and security.

In terms of evangelism, believers should be even more encouraged to do so in light of this passage. For this passage supplies believers with the confidence that it will be God who will effectively bring about the results. Evangelists, therefore, are not responsible for the salvation of others, but should be trusting in God’s sovereignty in bringing about salvation through them. Hence evangelists should not be discouraged when their labor seemingly does not produce fruit, for it will be God who decides which seeds He would cause to grow.

This passage also contains one of the most humbling messages in all of Scripture. It reveals that nothing in you caused God to choose you over the atheist next door; that even your decision to choose Christ was foreordained by the grace of God. There is therefore no difference between believers and non-believers but the sovereign choice of God alone. It follows from this that we cannot boast in anything, but only by the power of God; neither can we boast when God uses us to bring about salvation in others. There is then no place for pride in the Christian walk. It reminds us of our position as creatures and God as righteous Creator and that He has the absolute right to do what He wants to do with His creation.

  1. theologigal says:

    Amen!!! Love this post, especially how you emphasized that evangelism should be even more encouraged in light of Romans 9, since that is a common misconception about reformed theology. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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