Romans 9, pt. 9, Personal Response

Posted: August 12, 2010 by graysutanto in Romans 9
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Personal Response

Personally, I believe that the timeless truths of this passage are absolutely sweet. Indeed, the whole paradigm of my thinking was turned upside down for the better when I came across a true understanding of this chapter in the book of Romans. I used to believe that God had chosen me only because I first chose Him, but I realized now how arrogant it was to think this way. For it is exactly that sort of thinking that implies God chooses according to the merits of a positive response towards the Gospel. This would not be salvation by grace but of works! Only through this passage that the truths of the doctrines of grace really made sense to me, making the Christian belief so different from any other religion which states that we must do something to attain salvation.

I rest in knowing that my God never fails, and that everything that happens only happens because it is in His secret decree. It follows from this that whatever happens must be what is best, for it corresponds to His will. I also rest in knowing that, being chosen by God, His grace will sustain me through every difficulty, trial and affliction. Often times my conscience condemns me in times of great trouble, and the truth of this passage would comfort me, reminding me that I have been justified by the will of God, and nothing can separate the love of God from His elect. The truths of this passage has also caused me to be more patient when speaking to non-believers, knowing that I could just be like them if it were not for the grace of God that found me. It is also the truths of this passage that convicts me anytime I feel pride lurking in. All in all, I am compelled to a much deeper sense of gratitude towards the God who saved me, seeing that there was absolutely nothing in me that could have influenced God to choose me over another. I live, breath and work only by the grace of God. Knowing the grace of my God, I cannot NOT be caused to fall in love with Him


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