Why Preach?

Posted: August 15, 2010 by graysutanto in Uncategorized

“Oh that my head were waters, and my eyes a fountain of tears,

that i might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!”

– Jeremiah 9:1

Why preach the Gospel? Why teach the Scriptures?

Jeremiah was called as a youth. His life was dedicated to preaching the Word of God to Israel.

Giving them a message of repentance, of a need for change.

Nobody listened.

Jeremiah’s scrolls were burned, yet he would start a new one all over again

He was betrayed, scorned, and has had multiple near-death experiences.

His own people tried to kill him. He witnessed the people whom he loved so dearly get exiled unto babylon.

The people who refused to listen to him.

Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet. His sermons were often delivered in tears.

He was hard-working and he perseveared through the struggles,

remaining faithful the whole way.

Yet, with no results, why did he keep going?

Why didnt he modify his message? Make it more pleasing to the ears of man?

Why didnt he appeal to their emotion? Why didnt he try some sort of different method?

Why didnt he try some shortcuts? Some evangelizing techniques that were different?

No one in the Bible was interested in numbers.

No one was interested in being attractive to the masses.

Why then?

Simply because the Word of God is the Word of God.

We preach not to get results.

God determines the outcome and the result of our preaching.

We faithfully carry out our work, knowing He is in control.

Relying solely on Him alone.

We preach because we are commanded to.

We teach because the Scriptures are true.

We preach because the people need to hear the truth.

Whether or not people respond, is up to God.

Let’s keep preaching what’s true, and nothing else.

Soli Deo Gloria


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