About Gray

My name is Gray and I originally come from Jakarta, Indonesia. I love God, because He first loved me. I love biblical theology, Theo-centric Theology and the glory of God. I also go to Biola University, taking a double major in biblical studies and philosophy. Soli Deo Gloria

  1. Scott says:

    “Theo-centric Theology”? Isn’t that sort of repetitive (i.e. a God-centered study of God)?

    • graysutanto says:

      No. I think its possible to do “Man-Centered Theology” … studying God according to our needs and not how the Scriptures have revealed Him to be.

  2. Louis says:

    Enjoyed your writing-articles Keep blogging For Jesus Christ our Saviour

  3. Austin says:

    This is a great idea Gray. I’m enjoying reading your guys’ posts. You always challenge me to think as well as read my Bible, which is great!

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